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Self Inquiry Coaching

Includes 6 x 60 minute sessions + 1 x 90 minute session

1 payment of kr 4900.00

Get to know who and what you really are! Who am I? is an ancient question. Most people think life and they act from their persona believing this is who they are. The mind is defining who they are. You are not the mind or its content, you have a mind, you are the witness..... To hear this, or to fully experience it, is like the difference of hearing about ice cream or eating it. Self inquiry is not about knowledge, it is about experiencing, direct seeing, direct knowing.

These are one to one sessions with Hari Deva with those of you who wish to directly experience the inner truth. Hari has worked with hundreds of seekers in one to one situations and thousands in group settings.

Be aware, This is NOT a session to work on life issues! Here we focus on the container of the life experience rather than the content. Fore general coaching, choose life coaching with Hari

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